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We have been saving people money at the pump since 1987. Our MPG BOOSTER and DIESEL BOOSTER provide Immediate Results for your vehicle. Your Benefits Start With Mile One And Continue To Reward You With Regular Usage. Both MPG BOOSTER and DIESEL BOOSTER are super concentrated blends of hydrocarbons designed to increase the fuel's performance and reduce emissions.
Your Immediate Results will be substantially reduced emissions, increased power, increased mileage, increased vehicle performance, a cleaner fuel system, and substantial fuel cost reductions. The ultimate measure of economy is the number of miles that can be squeezed from a gallon of gasoline or diesel fuel. MPG BOOSTER and DIESEL BOOSTER can give up to 100 extra miles for every tank of treated fuel. THE HIGHER FUEL PRICES GO, THE MORE MONEY YOU SAVE!.

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Waste Management Of America:
Test Date June, 1992
Tested By: J.B. Henderson
Product Tested: Diesel Stimulant
Results: 30% Increase In Fuel Economy. 
JUNE 11,1993


I Have Been Using High Performance Plus Diesel Treatment On The Caterpillar Equipment That Includes 637D, 627E Dual Engine Scrapers, D8N D9N High Drive, 826C Compactors And Support Vehicles For Over A Year Now. We Are Using 30% Less Fuel And The Machines Are Running Smoother Than Before We Started Using High Performance Plus Diesel Treatment.
In Comparison To Other Comparable Products High Performance Plus Diesel Treatment Is Of Much Higher Quality. Overall, We Have Received A Much Higher Substantial Savings Using High Performance Plus Additives, Not Only In Thousands Of Dollars Being Saved, But In The Machinery Lasting Longer By Extending The Life Of The Fuel Systems And Less Engine Wear On The Above Stated Equipment.
I Am A Very Satisfied Customer Of High Performance Plus And Am Now Using High Performance Plus Oil Treatment. I Have Been A Steady Customer And Will Continue To Be So In The Future. 

Signature on file
J.B. Henderson 
Waste Management Of America


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